• Великобритания
  • Май 09, 2011

Золотая молодежь Челси

Until The Book's Closed It's Open

Сезон 3 серия 6

Spencer, Hugo, Natalie, Millie, Louise and Sophie head off to Dubai for a luxury few days away and to celebrate Louise's birthday. But with Jamie stuck in England, will Louise be able to resist Spencer's flirtatious advances? Hugo introduces Natalie to his father, QC Taylor, while out in Dubai. The loving couple are totally smitten, but will they get his dad's seal of approval, and are wedding bells on the horizon? Back in Chelsea, Richard goes to brainstorm song ideas for his business advert with Gabriella. Richard's under pressure after having to fire his PA Gemma. Can Binky come to the rescue? Cheska feels protective over her new 'friend' Richard Dinan after Kimberley expresses an interest, but Richard is starting to tire of her meddlesome ways, so it might be time for a frank chat...

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