• Великобритания
  • Май 09, 2011

Золотая молодежь Челси

Karma's A Bitch

Сезон 3 серия 7

Spencer and Louise return from Dubai to find Jamie on their doorstep demanding some answers. Spencer claims his feelings for Louise are genuine and that he wants her to be his girlfriend, but she is confused and needs time to think. Millie and Natalie organise a trip to the spa to help Louise reach a decision. Rosie gets wind of it and, encouraged by Hugo, turns up to support Louise along with Cheska and Victoria. Inevitably, Millie gives them a frosty reception and another classic Millie and Rosie bust up turns a relaxing spa trip into a disaster. Back in Chelsea, Jamie finally decides to confront Spencer, but is adamant that he has no interest in being friends with him. And Louise returns from the spa with her final decision made. Meanwhile, Richard is wooing Kimberley in helicopters, fast cars and fancy restaurants, but Cheska and Binky stumble across a Kimberley secret that could sabotage everything...

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