• Великобритания
  • Май 09, 2011

Золотая молодежь Челси

At The End Of The Day, I've Got The Crazy Title. No One Can Steal That From Me

Сезон 3 серия 10

Feeling the loss of his best mate Jamie, Spencer seeks advice from an old friend and flame, Caggie. Jamie and Francis audition a string of beauties in their search for Candy Kittens and they find the perfect mix of brains and beauty with new hottie Hetty (Henrietta). Following their bust-up in Italy, Kimberley meets up with Cheska, but the conversation soon turns sour and ends in a heated exchange. Richard then deals Cheska a final crushing blow, leaving her in floods of tears. Ollie throws a 1960s-themed party in the country. But there's palpable tension when Louise tries to make amends with Jamie. Richard speaks to Kimberley to gauge what's going on in their relationship, but the uncommitted response doesn't seem to inspire confidence - was Cheska right all along? Jamie and Spencer finally talk to one another about their feelings and regrets. Will Jamie finally forgive Spencer so that they can be friends again?

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