• Великобритания
  • Май 09, 2011

Золотая молодежь Челси

The More You Can't Have Someone... You Want Them More

Сезон 4 серия 2

Binky and Jamie agree to go on their first date, but their golfing fun is gatecrashed by new boys Sam and Andy, who to Jamie's dismay decide to pot a few holes alongside them. Ollie attempts a date with Danielle following his revelation that he wants to date women again. But Binky and Cheska are worried about him... is he really happy? Spencer takes his old Eton friend Stevie under his wing, who just so happens to be Andy's best friend too. Everyone is suspicious, but Spencer says he's ready to make amends with Andy and invites him to his birthday party. But can Spencer really let things go and handle Louise being friends with Andy?

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