• Великобритания
  • Май 09, 2011

Золотая молодежь Челси

I Didn't Know Reindeers Actually Existed. I Thought They Were, Like, A Mythical Creature

Сезон 4 серия 11

It's Christmas in Chelsea and that means parties and drama. Things have been strained between Ollie and Gabriella since their dalliance in Amsterdam. But when Cheska and the gang catch up with Gabriella, she reveals some life-changing plans. Torn between his feelings for Ashley and Sophia, Francis gets more than he bargained for when he meets up with Sophia to exchange Christmas presents. Spencer arranges a meeting between Louise and Jamie in the hope that they can bury the hatchet, but the conversation turns to problems closer to home. And, at the Christmas party, will Millie and Rosie confront Spencer on what they've heard about him from Francis?

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