• Сентябрь 19, 1953


Love Letter

Сезон 3 серия 3

Alice finds a love letter in the cookbook that she has borrowed from Trixie. Upon examination, Trixie reveals that the letter was written by Ed. Ralph also reads the letter -- and immediately assumes that Alice has a secret lover. Anxious to determine the identity of ""the other man,"" Ralph and Ed head down to the office of a handwriting analyst. Inevitably, she concludes that Ed was the author of the romantic note. Running time: 37:46 NOTE: After it's initial airing, this episode was lost. It was found in the University of Georgia's Peabody Archive. It aired only 1 additional time, on TV Land on 10/16/2004 (the 50th anniversary of it's original airing). MPI does intend to include this episode in the new, repackaged ""Lost Epiosde's"" DVD set due out 2005 - 2006. ""Love Letter"" was remade November 24, 1956 and it is this pisode that appears in syndication and on VHS & DVD.

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