• Сентябрь 19, 1953


Finders Keepers

Сезон 5 серия 8

Mr. Bartfeld is selling his candy store to the Chock Full O'Orange people. When Ralph hears this he figures the CFOO people must know something about a boom in the neighborhood, and he wants to buy the store. He and Norton form a partnership and agree to invest $300 each to buy it. When neither of them can get the money, they try to think of a scheme to get it. Norton turns on the radio and they hear a commercial for a find-the-missing-money contest. The prize is a $1,000 bill. They study the clues and decide that the money is hidden in an automat across from Grand Central Station. They go there and search everywhere but don't find the money. They end up getting arrested for creating a disturbance in the automat. When Ralph gets home, he finds out that the CFOO people want to buy the store not because they think it would make alot of money, but to use it as a warehouse. Ralph is relieved that he didn't buy the store, but he is upset because not only did he lose a day's pay, but he also

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