• Сентябрь 19, 1953


Away We Go

Сезон 5 серия 11

Ralph & Ed win the ""Flaky Wakies - Trip Around The World - Slogan Contest"". Scenes & Musical Numbers: Scene 1 - Dock in N.Y.C.: ""We're Off To Paris"" ""You Can See It In Paree"" Scene 2 - Ships Deck: ""I've Got A Funny Feeling"" Scene 3 - Lifeboat at Sea: ""Goodbye, Old Pal, Goodbye"" Scene 4 - Dock in France: Finale: ""Welcome To Paris"" Run time: 50:00+. This episode aired only once. This is the 1st of the 8 ""1957 Trip To Europe"" episodes that are considered ""Still Lost"" including the next 7 episodes listed below: 130. ""Plastered In Paris"", 131. ""Behind The Iron Curtain"", 132. ""When In Rome"", 133. ""Curse Of The Kramdens"", 134. ""Mad Dogs And Englishmen"", 135. ""Framed In Spain"" & 136. ""I Remember Mau Au"" These episodes were remade as the first of the ""Color Honeymooners"" listed in season # 7. These 8 ""Trip To Europe"" episodes are not seen in syndication or available on VHS or DVD. These episodes have been known to make their way around the tape trade circuit.

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