• Сентябрь 19, 1953


Two for the Money

Сезон 7 серия 4

When Ralph is always tired, he goes to the doctor. Alice brings her mother's dog to the vet, but doesn't want Ralph to know because it cost him $9. The vet sends over a letter about the dog's impending doom, and Ralph thinks the note is meant for him. Not having anything to bequeath to Alice, he and Norton decide to sell Ralph's story to a magazine. They decide to do a full feature on him, and he then figures out that he's not dying. He and Norton concoct a scheme of Norton being the only doctor in the world that can cure Ralph, but they get caught. Luckily, the magazine editor likes the real story better and doesn't press charges. All is well and it's, ""Baby, you're the greatest!""

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