• Сентябрь 19, 1953


Special: The Honeymooners: The Really Lost Debut Episodes

Сезон 11 серия 15

Paul Reiser hosts this 1st of 3 Disney Channel specials. This special introduces the 1st 6 ""Honeymooners"" sketches from 1951's Jackie Gleason's ""Cavalcade Of Stars"". They are: 1) ""Bread"" (10/5/51). Ralph returning home from work exhausted, Alice makes him run to the store for some bread and a fight insues. NOTE: This is the very first ""Honeymooners"" sketch. Art Carney plays a cop. Running time: 5:55. 2) ""Razor Blades"" (10/12/51). Ralph and Alice fight ofver Ralphs missing razor blades. NOTE: This is the shortest Honeymooners sketch. Running time: 5:02. 3) ""The New Television Set"" (11/2/51). After Alice demos a new television, Ralph makes her return it. Ralph eventually gives in at the end and buys it for her. NOTE: This sketch includes the 1st appearance of Carney as Ed Norton & Elaine Strich as Trixie. Running time: 8:24. 4) ""Ralph Threatens To Leave"" (11/16/51). Alice mocks Ralph being a bus driver and he threatens to leave. Alice apologizes and Ralph stays. Running time: 6:24. 5)

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